Ideal Client Workshop

Ideal Client Workshop

Getting Really, Really Clear About Your Ideal Client Transforms Everything!


Workshop Modules Overview

Includes all Worksheets, Templates, Videos, Checklists and Examples, as well as membership to a private Facebook Group.

  • Characteristics of Your Ideal Client
    • Demographics - what's really important
    • Building a long term relationship
    • Decision criteria - are they or are they not our ideal client

  • Behaviours of Your Ideal Client
    • What they love to do
    • What they spend money on and why
    • Their rituals, hobbies and routines

  • Your Ideal Client's Values and Beliefs
    • What motivates them and keeps them going
    • What inspires them, their mentors, their influencers
    • Identifying their ideal client

  • Your Ideal Client's Preferred Communication Method and Style
    • How to determine their communication styles
    • Matching your communication style to understand your ideal client
    • Finding out their decision making strategy

  • Your Ideal Client's Challenges, Wants and Needs
    • Identifying their fears, frustrations and pain points
    • Getting to their REAL core needs
    • Painting a picture of their ideal situation

  • Putting Together a Deep Understanding of Your Ideal Client
    • Comprehensive Ideal Client Profile and Character
    • Ideal Client Empathy Map
    • Your Message to Your Ideal Client



The ideal client workshop was awesome and gave me so much clarity and focus. As a result, I'm going to implement a marketing plan that is a killer.
I'm looking forward to the growth that will come out of that, the changes in my business as a result and the changes I'll bring to the clients I work with.
Genee Marks, Bricolage Consulting



The ideal client workshop has given me real clarity about my ideal client.
This has helped me develop a targeted marketing program which will lead to increased profitability in my business .
Ben Morgan, Morgan Electrics and Gas



After going through the ideal client workshop, I now have absolute clarity about my ideal client and about my business.
I can now work on an effective marketing strategy for my business, targeted to my ideal client.
Veronica Knox, Meridian Mind

2 Modules

My Ideal Client

Ideal Client and Target Market Workshop: In this series of nine lessons, you will develop a really deep understanding of your target market and ideal client, so you'll know how to develop a relationship with them, and have them become lifelong clients.

It turns out that getting really, really clear about your target market, will transform everything!

The more clearly you understand the people who you are best placed to serve, the more focused and effective your marketing will be.

Marketing Master Mini-Class - Who is My Ideal Client

Introduction to the Ideal Client Workshop:

Once you get really clear about who your ideal customer and target market is, you’ll have a clearer direction for your marketing and can focus your marketing efforts on generating high-quality leads.

Modules for this product 2

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